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Glass railings

Glass railings
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Glass railing

The railing for the stairs should, above all, be safe. It must protect against falling, be well-chosen so that everyone can use it comfortably. But it also has to match the style of the stairs, the interior in which it will be located, or harmonize with the facade of the building, its architectural style. Our offer includes structures suitable for classic as well as modern, industrial buildings. Balustrades with glass filling or made entirely of glass, are perfect for modern interiors. The glass railing gives the room lightness, opens the entire space and visually enlarges it. It does not cause shadows and harmonizes perfectly with modern interior design.

Glass railings - assembly method

Depending on the chosen method of installation, we can obtain a varied effect and match it perfectly to your needs. The glass pane can be mounted pointwise, on the so-called rotules. These are screws that are screwed into the side of the stairs or balcony. They give the structure a very designer and modern character. They can be easily adapted to any type of decor, and the assembly is very efficient, the rich offer allows you to choose the best pattern. Another solid and safe method of assembly are the posts. If we attach them to the top of the balcony or terrace, then the railing will run flush with the line of the entire structure. And when attached to the side walls, they will increase the usable space of the balcony or extend the light of the staircase. We can avoid mounting posts and additional fasteners if we decide to install the glass pane in an aluminum strip. The aluminum profile can also be hidden by tapping it into the floor, which gives the effect of a glass pane coming straight out of the floor. This type of execution is usually used in modern interiors and buildings. In addition, aluminum, unlike metal, does not corrode and therefore requires virtually no maintenance.

Glass railing and stairs

Tempered glass balustrades were most often used in office buildings and public buildings, now they are installed more and more often in private homes, finding new, satisfied customers. It is a very practical solution characterized by lightness and a modern look. Proper adaptation to the interior of your home and the type of stairs, a new glass railing is a basic condition for a successful project. Well-matched elements and high-quality workmanship guarantee a successful arrangement. When choosing glass railings, we must remember that the railing at the stairs open to the living area will look different than at the stairs placed traditionally. Many solutions are determined by the technology and type of stair finish. However, steel and glass offer many solutions, thanks to which we can adjust each project to the customer's needs.

Glass railings of interior stairs

In private homes, a frequent concern when installing glass railings is the presence of children and their safety. Many caretakers are afraid that the glass railings and the youngest do not go hand in hand. Nothing could be more wrong. The glass pane is a uniform surface, without balusters and clearances, which seems to be safer in contact even with small children. Additionally, in such projects, safety, toughened and laminated glass is used, equipped with an additional protective foil placed inside the pane. Such balustrades, despite the fact that they are made of glass and seem light and brittle, are extremely durable. It is always a structure that meets certain requirements and parameters that guarantee safety.

External glass railings

The exterior glass railing is the same popular solution as the use of glass and steel in the interior. Balconies, terraces and facades of modern multi-family blocks gain new faces thanks to these modern materials. The body of the building with glass railings seems lighter and more delicate. The terrace or balcony, surrounded by transparent glass panes, gives the impression of being larger and better connected with the surrounding space. Glass railings do not shade and allow for optimal lighting of the terrace, balcony and interior of the house. In addition, these are materials resistant to weather conditions, so perfectly suitable for outdoor use.

Glass balcony railings

Modern stainless steel railings are not only the surroundings of terraces and external stairs, but also exceptionally effective balcony railings. Due to their transparency, they allow the balcony area to blend smoothly with the views outside. It does not limit the balcony space and allows you to take full advantage of the natural light. This is one of the best ways to finish the so-called French balconies, where the glass pane provides adequate security, while creating a spacious and bright space.

Summary glass railings

In interiors, a glass railing can complement the entire space or be the main element of a modern arrangement. Glass is a universal material, so it fits perfectly with other materials, such as stainless steel, wood, ceramics or stone. It does not dominate them and allows you to emphasize the beauty of other materials. That is why glass railings are becoming so popular, both inside and outside our homes.