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French windows

French windows


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French window

When it is not possible to install a classic balcony, a French window is the solution that provides illumination of the room and opening its space to the outside. It is a high window or a classic balcony door, a high window and a properly installed balustrade. The room lit in this way becomes more open and gives the impression of being more spacious. Ideally suited to the bedroom, staircase or rooms upstairs or attic. It is an ideal solution when, for various reasons, we cannot create a balcony or an elevated terrace in a given place.

Modern French railings

Like any balcony, a French window also requires appropriate protection. Because safety can go hand in hand with an attractive appearance, we offer modern railings for French windows. These are solutions used in single-family houses, multi-family buildings and public utility buildings. They can be made of stainless steel, powder coated steel in the RAL color palette or of pure glass mounted most often on rotules. Depending on the selected material and the type of facade of the building, the best method of installation and protection of the French window is selected. Non-opening French windows do not require security, but when we decide to open a high balcony window, we must remember about the safety of all household members.

French glass railing

A French window, also known as a wallet, is best for rooms that are difficult to light, such as corridors and staircases. It will also fulfill its function in bedrooms on the first floor or in the attic. Thanks to the wallets, the light in the interior is evenly distributed and there is a lot of it. According to the regulations, the wallets with full height opening must have a railing on the outside. It provides safety for people looking through the French window, and additionally is an interesting architectural element on the facade. Particularly in modern architecture and in existing buildings, the easiest way to fit a balustrade to a French window is made of tempered glass.

Portfolio, or a French window

The French window as an architectural solution is mainly used in modern construction. They provide greater access of sunlight to the rooms, and their location guarantees a flat facade, which is often a must for investments located close to the property border. Installing high windows is also a decorative element that allows you to obtain an effective appearance of the entire body of the building in the design.

Railings for a French balcony

Most often, railings installed on a French balcony are made of stainless steel or powder coated steel. Structural frames are filled with horizontally or vertically arranged bars or panes and plates - made of glass or perforated sheet. Various Saint-ELOX aluminum profiles - tubular, square, rectangular - are used to prepare the railing structure. A French balcony should be properly made and installed in accordance with the art, because its main function is to protect the household members, each railing must be made of the highest quality materials. Check out one of our recommended products. French window and balcony