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Glass canopies

Glass canopies
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Canopy over the door

A glass canopy above the door will protect the person entering from unfavorable weather conditions. It will allow you to freely fold or unfold the umbrella and walk the distance between us from the door to the car with a dry foot. A suitable roof will allow us to safely take the house keys out of a backpack or purse and protect the door against rain, snow and hail. As a manufacturer, we take care of the entire production process, from design, through execution, to assembly. Guided by our experience, we will select the best type of roof for a given building, which will be safe and solid. Thus, it will allow you to enjoy a convenient and comfortable entrance to your home, office or multi-family building resistant to weather conditions.

Glass roof above the front door

Canopies made of various materials can be installed above the door. Currently, most often designed and installed are modern toughened glass canopies that look very aesthetically. Regardless of the place and size of the canopy, it must be properly installed so that it is resistant to adverse weather conditions. The glass pane is one of the most frequently used types of roofing protecting the entrance, it can be mounted on continuous lines or supports. Glass canopies give the impression of light, not overwhelming the whole structure and allow full access to sunlight. This solution fits perfectly with modern shapes and minimalist designs. On the surface, glass seems to be a very fragile and delicate material. Meanwhile, by subjecting it to appropriate technological processes and hardening, it becomes an extremely durable, safe and damage-resistant material. VSG laminated glass is able to withstand the pressure of violent storms, gusty winds, great downpours and even hailstorms that occur in our climate zone.

Glass canopies

The glass roof can be used not only above the entrance to the building. The roof made of tempered glass will also be perfect as a partial roofing of a terrace or an additional protection of a balcony. Properly selected, matched to the facade and made of the highest quality materials, glass canopies will safely fulfill their role for a long time. The method of installation, appropriate selection of materials and technical solutions used for canopies mounted above the entrance door and in other places are important. When implementing a project, all forces acting on such a structure should be taken into account and all parameters should be adjusted in such a way that it would be durable.

Glass roof

Modern construction is inextricably linked with materials such as steel and glass. Therefore, in currently popular projects, roofs protecting entrances, roofing terraces and balconies are most often made of these materials. Glass in the roofs allows full access to light, no shadows and protection against rain or snow. Visors in a modern style add lightness while being very resistant and durable.

Glass canopy above the door

The entrance door, regardless of whether it leads to our private home, office or other facility, should have a roof. Protection, even though the smallest surface from entering, makes it easier for us to use it, drains water and protects against snowfall. A properly selected canopy is not only a functional accessory, but also an architectural element that decorates the entire facade. It is extremely important that the roofs are assembled in a professional manner and made of the highest quality materials. Only proper preparation and execution of the structure guarantee long and trouble-free use of the entrance door roof.