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Perforated sheet balustrades

Perforated sheet balustrades


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Perforated sheet railings

Laser cutting of sheet metal also allows us to use perforated sheet balustrades in the fillings. The combination with other materials offers virtually unlimited arrangement possibilities. Perforated sheet balustrades guarantee everlasting beauty and greater privacy protection than balustrades with glass or openwork filling. They are perfect for modern arrangements and will prove themselves both in the projects of external and internal railings.

Laser cut balustrades

New technologies result in the emergence of innovative solutions and expand the range of products offered. This is exactly the case with laser-cut railings as well. Made of 2mm to 8mm thick steel sheet and powder coated, they offer practically unlimited design possibilities. Laser cut balustrades are perfect for both modern and classic interiors. A huge number of colors and patterns as well as the possibility of adjusting the pattern to the individual size of a particular railing make it a solution worth paying attention to.

Laser cut perforated sheet balustrades

Laser-cut perforated sheet railings are available in various thicknesses, it is adjusted during the project implementation to the size of the railing and customer expectations. It should be remembered that balustrades cut from sheet metal or with laser-cut filling elements must meet the safety and durability requirements of the installed elements. Such a railing, fulfilling a decorative function, must, while fulfilling its basic task, ensure comfort of use and safety for the household members.

Laser cut balustrade

Securing stairs, balconies or terraces in sophisticated, modern or classic designs is becoming more and more available and popular thanks to the technology of laser cutting of sheet metal. In addition, the possibility of full adaptation to a given interior or facade elements is a great advantage of such a solution. It is an offer for all those who are looking for a novelty. They are moving towards modern solutions, but they look for elements that are less "cool" and neutral than glass or stainless steel. Also check French windows.