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Glass balustrades on rotules

Glass balustrades on rotules


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Glass balustrade on rotules

Glass balustrades mounted on rotors are a modern solution suitable for balustrades made of tempered glass. This is a special type of point fasteners screwed into the side part of the stairs or balcony, supporting the entire structure. They are used both by stairs, mezzanines, balconies and elevated terraces. They allow you to make the most of the available space and allow you to create a transparent and light structure.

Balustrades on rotules

Glass balustrade of this type is most often installed in modern, minimalist interiors. Rotules are most often circular in cross-section, although square or rectangular versions are also available. They are most often available in silver, although there are also black models. Rotules for the installation of railings usually have a diameter of 30 to 60 mm, they are most often mounted to the side of the stairs with the use of appropriately selected chemical anchors. The location of the fasteners is selected individually, depending on the size and thickness of the glass panes in the balustrade and the type of substrate to which the balustrade is installed. Depending on whether the railing has a handrail or not, appropriate rotules are selected so that the entire railing is stable and safe for users.

Glass railing on rotules

Glass balustrades on rotules can be installed indoors and outdoors. They are perfect as a modern solution for securing balconies and terraces in multi-apartment construction and in modern public utility buildings. They can be adapted to any type of stairs, and the use of different mounting patterns and different colors of glass gives us a lot of possibilities to create a railing perfectly suited to the interior. With railings, where the fixing is kept to a minimum, it is easy to display the beauty of the stairs and the entire room. In external facades, such a solution allows not to introduce another color and texture to the entire composition. Since glass is neutral and it fits perfectly with various materials, we can match it to virtually all textures and every color palette.

Glass on rotules

We make balustrades mounted on roller shutters in various variations - with toughened glass, clear, milky or tinted. Such balustrades are perfect for modern, modernist buildings and interiors. The use of individual solutions allows each project to be tailored to the client's needs. Glass railings perfectly connect the space with each other, without dividing it, they make it more transparent and seem larger. Also check the glass railings on the slat