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Glass railings on the slat

Glass railings on the slat


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Glass railings mounted on a strip

Designed for installation on balconies, terraces, staircases. There are no posts or additional fasteners in this type of structure, which gives it a designer look. Railings on a slat They are usually chosen for modern interiors and buildings. Additionally, aluminum has very good anti-corrosion properties. As a result, stainless steel railings made of it, made of high-quality steel, do not require virtually any maintenance and are extremely durable. We use tempered glass that is resistant to all scratches and scratches - in various color variations: colorless, milky, tinted.

Self-supporting glass railing

Self-supporting glass railings are an indispensable element of the increasingly popular modern architecture. They ensure full use of natural sunlight, no shadows and a unique combination of the living area with the landscape. Thanks to the use of an invisible method of installing such railings, we have the possibility to install a railing both inside and outside, which will ensure safety at the same time as creating barriers. The lightness and transparency provided by glass allows for a perfect integration of the elements protecting the balcony, terrace or stairs into the whole project. In addition, the modern nature of such a solution means that so far unattractive architectural elements can become a unique decoration of any home.

Glass terrace balustrades

With this solution, toughened glass panes are mounted in a specially designed strip. It is one of the most effective ways to install a transparent railing. Depending on the chosen technique, the glass railing in the strip can be installed so that the aluminum part is visible, providing the basis for the entire structure. Or it can be mounted in a strip hidden in the floor, which allows the glass to come out directly from the floor. Thanks to its resistance to weather conditions and practically the barracks of necessary maintenance, glass is also becoming extremely popular as a material for terrace balustrades.

Self-supporting glass railings

These types of railings are successfully installed in private homes, but also in hotels, office buildings and multi-family buildings. The neutrality of glass makes it a material that architects, developers and private investors eagerly reach for. Tempered glass is a completely safe material that offers new architectural and design possibilities, it can be used both inside and outside buildings.