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Balustrades with vertical filling (vertical)

Balustrades with vertical filling (vertical)
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Vertical railings

Stainless steel railings with vertical filling - this is one of the most popular and most frequently chosen models. The light balustrade and at the same time durable structure looks great in both modern and classic surroundings. The anti-corrosive steel resistant to unfavorable weather conditions makes it suitable for use as a balcony or terrace balustrade.

Railing vertical bars

Our stainless steel railings with vertical bars are recommended especially for places where children are, because they are the safest for them. Thanks to their design, they prevent climbing on them, and thus reduce the possibility of falling from a height. Made of high-quality stainless steel (ASIS 304), and acid-resistant (ASIS 316), polished (easy to clean) or matt (a bit less practical, because more exposed to scratches).

Railing made of vertical tubes

Stainless steel railings with vertical tubes can be used as indoor and outdoor railings. The arrangement of the bars makes them appear shorter than they really are, and often this type of arrangement of the filling is used in railings of longer length.

Railing vertical posts

Stair railings also often have this type of filling. Vertical posts in stainless steel railings are also a reference to classic wooden railings in which the filling between the posts was made of vertical balusters. Regardless of the solutions used, each railing installed in our home, terrace or balcony should be as best suited to the surroundings as possible. Also check the stainless glass balustrade.