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Glass walls and doors

Glass walls and doors
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Glass walls

Glass buildings are most often found in offices and public spaces. Its use is a simple way to separate the space without separating it from other rooms. Glass walls provide a feeling of space and open space, it is a completely safe solution that fits perfectly into modern and classic interiors.

Glass walls

The glass wall appears more and more often in private homes. This attractive solution allows for a harmonious combination of home space, at the same time giving us the opportunity to separate its parts when we need it. The selection of the right glass, the method of installation and the size of the glazing are the conditions for a successful investment. Such walls can in a delightful way separate a vestibule, a work area or a sleeping area in an open space. With their help, we can enjoy the open space and separate parts of the house. It is a functional solution not only for the office but also for other spaces that require a new look.

Glass partitions

Glass, introduced on a larger surface, allows you to create a clear and spatial arrangement that can be adapted to our needs. Regardless of whether we create a new place for our clients or employees, we separate an office part or add new functions to existing spaces in our home. With the use of glass, partition walls will be created quickly and efficiently, and the entire space will gain a new look.

Glass partition wall

Modern glass surrounded by classic warm furniture can create an interesting and stylish arrangement. The use of such a solution has many advantages. It does not limit visibility, it makes the whole space seem larger, when it is needed, it provides privacy.

Office glass walls

We rightly associate glass construction with an office and public utility rooms. They can be safely and successfully used in homes and offices, glass walls allow you to take full advantage of their properties. Glass walls are resistant to mechanical damage, the whole structure is light and transparent. The use of various types of glass means that we have practically no restrictions when creating new products. That is why the glass construction in our offer is becoming more and more popular.