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Stainless steel balcony railing posts

Stainless steel railing is a popular solution that is characterized by resistance to heavy loads and high temperatures, durability, aesthetic appearance and easy cleaning. The great advantage is also that there is no need for additional maintenance, as is the case with other materials. The basic element of a stainless steel balcony railing are ready-made posts. Properly selected, they are the first element when installing railings.

Railing posts

Balustrade posts are most often made of the highest quality AISI 304 stainless steel and AISI 316 acid-resistant steel. They come in two shapes: round and square, and in three types of finish: satin, polished and painted in any color. The posts can be adapted to the specific needs of the customer, and the space can be filled with glass, steel tubes or appropriate rope systems. This type of railings is also a guarantee of safety and adequate protection of all household members. It is also a very universal solution that allows you to adjust the height of the handrail, the distance between the fillings and the method of assembly to the individual needs of the customer.

Railing post

The posts are very easy to assemble, and at the same time solid and safe. They guarantee the stability of the entire structure. They can be attached to the top of the balcony or terrace, so that no element will protrude beyond the outline of the balustrade. Attached to the side walls, they will increase the usable space of the balcony or the light of the staircase. They are practical and universal, they fit almost all architectural solutions and types of structures.

Stainless steel posts

Resistance to weather conditions, durability and the lack of frequent maintenance make the stainless steel posts very often used also outside houses, office buildings and public buildings. That is why this material is so often used in the production of balcony and terrace railings.

Glass railing

posts Stainless steel railings made of high-quality steel are often filled with glass elements. The combination of glass and stainless steel means modernity and the possibility of creating unique designs. Thanks to the wide range of products, we can easily choose the perfect balustrade posts for the designed handrails. Glass is a universal material that perfectly combines with elements of stainless steel. Also check out the SPIGOT frameless glass holder