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Insulation systems

Insulation systems


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Installation of a railing for insulation

Balustrades and balcony roofs must first of all guarantee a sufficiently high level of safety. In case of thermal insulation, proper installation must be ensured. It is necessary to attach the railing in such a way that it will also ensure the safety of users and will not damage the facade and will not cause unwanted thermal bridges to appear. Matching the appropriate elements depends on the thickness of the external insulation, the type of material the wall or substrate is made of, as well as the size and type of the railing to be installed.

What is the spacer sleeve for

Distance sleeves and flush-mounted fixings are elements that should be installed before placing polystyrene and building insulation. The situation when we have a pre-planned design of the railings and we can install the necessary elements before the thermal insulation is installed is perfect. That is why it is worth thinking about such elements earlier, at the stage of designing our dream home or planning its modernization.

Mounting systems for thermal insulation

Installation of the railing with insulation on the outside the facade of the building in the correct way should begin with planning the barriers for assembly. Stable assembly of balcony railings is a basic element that guarantees an appropriate level of security for external structures.