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Construction machinery for rent

Rapdach.pl has prepared a wide range of construction machinery rental services for you. Our offer is not only a reasonable and beneficial solution for construction companies, but also for individuals who run their own construction projects or renovation services. Many devices are required at various stages of construction. We offer machines, the purchase and maintenance of which is not always profitable for given projects. When you rent equipment from us, you don't have to worry about it. Along with renting the equipment to the client, we make sure that the rented high-quality construction equipment will ensure efficient and reliable work.

Construction machinery rental

In order to meet the customer's needs, more and more companies are expanding their offer with the possibility of long-term rental of construction equipment. This is a favorable financial option in the event that we cannot afford to buy new and very expensive equipment that is necessary for the implementation of construction works. It is often used by newly established companies that want to professionally carry out orders, and at the same time do not have adequate funds to finance the necessary machines or tools. It is also a convenient way to avoid unnecessary downtime when your equipment breaks down.

Construction equipment rental

Our offer includes an excavator, a compactor, a hoist, a basket hoist, and a glass assembly crane. Every day we try to respond to the needs of customers by offering them the rental of the highest quality construction equipment at an affordable price, which combines reliability in the field, durability, high efficiency and low operating costs. We respond to even the most demanding needs of our clients in the shortest possible time.

Private persons can also rent construction equipment.