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About us

RAPDACH are unique solutions for your home or apartment.

What distinguishes us from others?

First of all: reliability and the highest quality of products. When deciding on the choice of materials from which the balustrades in our home, partition walls or shackles will be made, you should take into account not only their aesthetics, but also functionality, durability and maintenance. Our products have all these advantages. They are scratch-resistant, resistant to unfavorable weather conditions, and are also easy to clean and maintain. They will last for many years in almost perfect condition. That's because I never take the easy way or take half measures. The materials from which our products are made are the highest quality stainless steel, tempered glass, the best paints.

Second: innovation and a fresh perspective. Our staff consists of young people with experience but also with an open mind full of ideas. We are not interested in the banal and commonplace. We want to create unique things. Our products make home interiors look aggressive and unique. You could say that they "stand out from the crowd".

Our balustrades are not only an element ensuring the safety of household members - although this is undoubtedly a very important function of them. It is also something that determines a beautiful interior. A well-made balustrade or partition wall can be a fantastic decorative element. Thanks to the use of glass solutions in the interior (sliding glass doors, partitions, glass balustrades on the mezzanine), it becomes more spacious and at the same time elegant, it becomes light. In addition, steel and glass elements of the decor perfectly fit into the industrial fashion.

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Our priorities and goals

Because we like the interiors to be spacious, well-lit, modern and stylish, but at the same time cozy and homely, we offer you products that meet all these requirements. We focus on high quality. And timelessness. For products that meet the tastes of the most demanding customers. The solutions we offer are a combination of unique style, elegance and modernity, enclosed in glass and metal.

Probably everyone will agree that aesthetic impressions are extremely important for achieving inner harmony and peace. It is difficult to rest in an ugly interior, in not very nice surroundings. You just can't. Our brain, instead of calming down and calming down, will focus on ugly details. That is why it is worth paying attention to the details: the materials from which the balustrades will be made, glass surrounding the balcony, stairs leading to the terrace. Let us not be satisfied with anything.

At the beginning, it is worth considering carefully what our balcony or terrace should look like. A place for afternoon rest and outdoor play for children should be safe, functional and easy to maintain. But also consistent with the building itself and its surroundings. It cannot constitute the proverbial "flower to the sheepskin coat". In practice, this means that the railings on the terrace, balconies and stairs should be the same. Railings should relate to the fence. And a balcony in a block of flats or tenement houses cannot stand out too much from other balconies. So stylish, classy, ​​elegant.

realizacje balustrady

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Our team