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Safe payments

bezpieczne płatności

We make every effort to ensure that the customer who purchases from us has security certainty regarding both the quality of the goods * that he buys, the rules for storing personal data entrusted to us, and the quality of service.

We guarantee 100% security of delivery to the customer. 

We only work with specialized courier and transport companies that guarantee safe delivery of the purchased goods. In the event of any damage to the package or packing tape, which is a seal, please do not collect the package! A protocol of damage / damage to the parcel should be drawn up in the presence of the courier. Then the parcel will be returned to us and the protocol will allow us to complain about the damaged parcel. Only in this way can we send you another package immediately after receiving the return that has been damaged / robbed (provided that the goods shipped previously are in stock). Remember, by picking up a parcel that is visibly and raises suspicions (e.g. lack of a company tape, holes) without drawing up a damage report, you run the risk of not accepting the complaint by the courier company. Remember this fact, recognition of the damage report is the basis for your full satisfaction with the transaction in the RAPDACH store

Payment methods 

Our store is integrated with secure payment systems - and PAYPAL

We give you a guarantee of the highest security of transactions provided by the above-mentioned companies. Thanks to these payments, you will quickly make a payment, not making a mistake in the transfer amount or bank number, and your money will reach us in the fastest possible way, giving you convenience and reliable confirmation of a correctly completed transaction.

Remember - you do not risk with us!

SSL secure shopping certificate

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an encryption protocol used to encrypt data sent by the user of the website. Shopping in the RAPDACH.PL store is completely safe, thanks to the used encryption and SSL certificates. SSL is used both when entering your data in the order form, when editing them and when making payments via the Payment system.

bezpieczne zakupy ssl


33-300 NOWY SĄCZ
NIP: 7343567365


52 8805 0009 0048 7266 2000 0010


94 8805 0009 0048 7266 2000 0030

Payments in PLN IBAN: PL 52 8805 0009 0048 7266 2000 0010

Payments in IBAN EUR: PL 94 8805 0009 0048 7266 2000 0030