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realizacje i montaż balustrad

Realizations and cooperation

We are a local company with a global reach. We come from Nowy Sącz in the south of Poland. Local patriotism is a very important element of our activity. Customers from all over the world have already learned that what is Polish is good and of the highest quality. One of them is Scandinavia, which, due to its difficult climate, is a very demanding recipient. We like these feuds the most! Challenges are something that motivates us and gives us the drive for development and self-improvement. We cooperate with all countries of the European Union. Thanks to this, we can observe the latest trends.

We support clients at every stage of order fulfillment, help optimize costs and help select the right materials.

Balustrades are our specialty - we provide the largest selection of glass balustrades, stainless steel balustrades and powder coated balustrades.

We make sure that our balcony, terrace or stair railings are of the best quality (we have a very meticulous and rigorous inspection stage), and our services meet the highest standards. Every day we work hard for the satisfaction and trust of our customers, so the effort put pays off. The partners from Poland and around the world with whom we cooperate are the company's best showcase and our greatest capital. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer. We are convinced that we will not disappoint your expectations.

cennik balustrad 2019


Our latest realizations:

balustrady współpraca b2b


balustrady tło mleczne


balustrady balkonowe blok

Execution of a balcony railing

In our daily work, we are aware of the twofold nature of each railing. We know that these are structures that must both be a coherent architectural element and a safe structure ensuring the safety of users. That is why the quality of both the materials used and the execution of the entire railing and its assembly is so important. Both external and internal railings require equal attention.

Implementation of the balustrade

We believe that difficulties are not an obstacle but a motivation to act. Challenges are something that gives us the drive for development and self-improvement. We cooperate with all countries of the European Union. Thanks to this, we can observe the latest trends, and we transfer the solutions used in the world to our native soil. We carry out orders for internal balustrades, terrace balustrades, roofing and other glass and stainless steel structures.

Railing projects

Each railing made by our company is an individual approach to the needs and expectations of the client. Regardless of whether the project concerns single-family houses, it is installed in multi-family buildings or public places. In our activities, we want to focus on new solutions and innovative projects. Stainless steel railings are still a large part of our projects. Glass balustrades and glass-filled balustrades are also becoming popular.

Design of a balcony railing

Our company supports and cooperates with the investor at every stage of the order. Each project requires an individual approach and often not a standard action. The possibilities offered by materials such as glass and steel mean that currently no two projects are identical. Each of them, regardless of whether it is a glass railing, stainless steel railing, external railing or installed inside buildings, requires commitment and passion. Knowledge and experience, the selection of the right type of materials, the use of safety glass, and the appropriate execution of the balcony railing assembly translate into durability, reliability and long service life of our projects.